Homeless health care

If you are facing the prospect of homelessness or are already experiencing homelessness, health problems are often a fact of life. You may find these health problems get worse or you are troubled with new illnesses.

To manage your health issues there are many free health clinics available. Some clinics are scheduled at regular times, some are short-term programs or events. To find a health clinic, program or event near you search Ask Izzy’s health section.

What kind of homeless health care is available?

Ask Izzy lists a range of health care options to respond to your needs. Health care available includes:

  • doctors and nurses
  • child health specialists
  • maternal and child health clinics
  • sexual health clinics
  • dentists
  • podiatrists for foot issues
  • mental or emotional help
  • hospitals

If you are in immediate need of medical assistance please call an ambulance on 000

Are the services free?

Most services bulk bill and do not charge you any initial fees, however this depends on the clinic and if you have a serious condition you may need tests that incur additional costs. To check whether you will be charged, call the clinic on the number listed in Ask Izzy.

To receive bulk billing you will need a Medicare card. If you do not have one, you can request one on via the Department of Human Services.

Where can I find homeless health care?

There are health care services for those experiencing homelessness located in regional and metropolitan areas across Australia. Some are drop in services so you do not need to make an appointment and others are not. Check with your selected service before you travel.

Find health care near you