If you're having trouble feeding yourself or your family, help is available. The kind of help you can get will depend on your situation, where you live, and other things like your age. This page describes some of the common types of food support, and tells you where you can find them.

Community Meals

Community meals are cheap or free meals that are offered by charitable and social organisations in your community. These meals will usually be served at a location such as a church, a community centre, or a food van. Community meals will usually only be available at certain times of day, and certain days of the week. Community meals can also be a chance to have a conversation with other members of your community, or to find someone that can offer you other kinds of help and support.

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Food Parcels and Vouchers

Some organisations will provide food parcels and pantry items that you can take home to eat, or vouchers that you can use to purchase food at a supermarket. These organisations may also be able to help you with other needs such as warm clothes, financial advice, or help with finding housing.

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Meals on Wheels

Each state in Australia has a Meals on Wheels service. This service provides affordable meals to people who cannot easily leave their homes, due to age or disability. This can be either short term, for example after an operation, or longer term.

Meals on Wheels is usually managed by your local council, or your rural health network. You will need to contact them to find out if you are eligible.

You can find details at Meals on Wheels Australia or in Ask Izzy.

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